The most docile dog breed is the Beagle. Playful, affectionate and great for children. The Beagle breed is best for people who want a friend with a lot of energy for fun. Airports ready.

The Beagle is very sturdy and also adapts well to a changing environments. One of the most sociable breeds, the Beagle befriends other dogs and animals. Another positive feature is the loose because it does not have the characteristic odor of the dogs.

Beagle is a dog with above average hope and with one of the smells most quickly among dogs. This trait was molded to a breed of origin in the United Kingdom when it was used for hunting small animals. Nowadays, the Beagle is very interested in the inspection of illegal products.

It is a smaller breed that belongs to the group of hound dogs. The name Beagle comes from the Gaelic “breed” and means small.

Beagle origin

The breed is likely to originate in the United Kingdom during the fourteenth century, from the Harrier crossing and Scent hound. Initially used for hunting rabbits, hares and pheasants, their sharp nose and energy led the US to import specimens at the beginning of colonization. Currently the US is a reference in breed creation.

In Charlie Brown‘s stories Snoopy is a Beagle.



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